Favourite Walks

Here is a collection of favourite walks from recent club programmes. If you would like to sample a similar walk led by an experienced leader, not get lost and meet a group of friendly people,  have a look at our "Club Programme"

Important Note 

The route descriptions just give a flavour of the walks and are not intended to guide you accurately.  Come with us and let the leader worry about the navigation!

Number 1  - Danebridge Circular - Cheshire

8 miles, moderate, riverside paths, woods and moorland. Navigation "straightforward?"  A very pleasant walk along one of the country's  most beautiful rivers and over moorland with superb views across the Peak.

Start and finish at Danebridge  SJ964652.  Please park with consideration in the wider parts of the road (busy at weekends)

Danebridge, Walk Start & Finish

Map of Route

1. Start.  Head down the road towards the river. Follow the "Dane Valley Way" downstream.

2. Join the Gritstone Trail and drop down to a bridge and cross the river.  Continue along the Gritstone Trail.

3. Leave the Gitstone Trail and descend to Mareknowles Farm.

4. Look out for the footpath sign on the left by the fence just before the farm buildings.  Descend through the woods to the footbridge across Shell Brook.  Climb the hillside towards Nettlebeds and take the field paths up to Wincle Grange.  Continue along the lane to the style in the wall on the right. Cross the field, through the wood and descend to the Finish at Danebridge.

Harvey in the Dane Valley
 Dane Valley Way  

Hen Cloud and The Roaches from the Gritstone Trail

A strange stone slab at Mareknowles Farm. (Contact us if you know what it was.)
 Hen Cloud and the Roaches from the Gritstone Trail
 A strange stone slab at Mareknowles Farm.  If anyone knows what this was, please contact us.

Number 2  - Win Hill Circular - Derbyshire

8 miles, moderate, valleys, woods and moorland. Navigation "straightforward"  A very pleasant walk climbing to a spectacular 360 degree view across the Peak.

Start and finish at Hope Station  SJ964652.

Walk Start & Finish


Map of Route

1. Start.  From Hope Station follow the field paths northwards, then through Aston before steadily climbing Win Hill.

2. At the summit, enjoy the view before following the ridge north west via Hope Cross.

3. Descend the quiet valley to Edale End. Cross under the railway and follow the track down the valley through Oaker Farm. Look out for the CHA’s first purpose-built centre. Moor Gate Guest House,  opened in 1916, designed in the Arts and Crafts Style.  Join the road from Edale, pass under the concrete railway bridge, turn left to cross over the river and under the railway line before making your way along  tracks back to Aston.

4. Follow the field path down   to the Finish at Hope Station.

Win Hill
 Win Hill Summit

Vale of Edale from Win Hill
Edale Valley

Vale of Edale
Edale Valley

Moorgate, Hope (once a CHA Guest House)
ex Moor Gate CHA Guest House

Number 3  - Alderley Views - Cheshire

7.5 miles, easy/ moderate.  Navigation needs care.  A beautiful walk along lanes and paths through pleasant Cheshire countryside and woodland.  Try in the spring when the bluebells are out or in October or November when the autumn tints  are at their best.

Start and finish at the National Trust Car Park, the Wizard,  SJ860073.

Alderley Views Walk. Start & Finish Point

Map of Route

Start.  Make your way from the National Trust Wizard car park northwards to the Edge, through the woods, skirting the mine excavations.

  1. Admire the spectacular view from the Edge across to the Pennine Hills.  Continue along the Edge, past the Beacon and across the busy main road.  Quiet paths now lead past ancient oaks and across fields to The Butts.

  2. Take care on the lane, looking out for the occasional car, before the route continues  past Nether Alderley, Higher House Farm and Shawcross.  From here the path passes a delightful wooded dell before emerging on to Birtles Lane.

  3. A short distance down the lane is St Catherine's Church, a peaceful spot for a rest perhaps.  The church , built in 1840, is well worth a visit before we retrace our steps northward, passing Shawcross once again. Rest at Finlow Hill Farm and admire the view before turning east.

  4. Take care crossing the main road.   Proceed northward by field path and lane, passing Edge House Farm.

The Finish is soon in sight, where a welcome ice cream can be had.

The view from the Edge